Picture Yourself:

…born Muslim, in a strict family and living in a hard country like Iraq, soaked in blood and fire.  How will you grasp God and accept him? Find love and embrace happiness?  What will you do when you encounter ISIS, the radical Islamic group who has infiltrated your community?

Salah spent his life looking for a way out of his community conventionalisms.  His father’s law of life was, “You can’t change anything in your life.” But, Salah is different.  He will change his life forever.

He launches a quest, racing the black dragon of ISIS and its subordinates with their evil flag, before they swallow up his new life and his love, Vivian.  Will he be able to find her and then find a way out?

GHAZWAN SAAID was born in Mosel, Iraq in 1970.  He quit his job as an architect and started a humanitarian organization, working for many years among refugees and displaced people who were victims of the religious and sectarian conflict in Iraq. This is where he started to see the world in a different way. Amid all the cruel barbarity of religious practices around him, he discovered the will to write. He wrote books and articles about his travels and poems, all in Arabic; English is his third language. In 2014, after ISIS invaded Iraq and Syria, he fled the country, coming to live in America with his family.